Photo by   Steve Harvey

Photo by Steve Harvey

Here are links to some people I have learned from, deepened my practice with, who have helped me heal and have great teachings and wisdom to offer. I believe that we should support our community as we dance through this crazy thing called life.


Amber Kyliuk at CriticalMovement

Amber offers classes, workshops, and 30-60 minute corporate classes in CAT.
She also has a book to help support your home practice of CAT. 

Danielle Pechie at YogaTherapyandBodyWorks 

Danielle offers fantastic trainings, workshops, individualized yoga programs and classes in the city.

Ungela VanKippersluis. Email her at

Ungela is an intuitive body worker and healer. She has an extensive list of training in body work ranging from the physical to the energetic. She has combined the many modalities into something unique and deeply healing. 

ISHTA  at IshtaYoga

This is my yoga home and has a great blog and links to our access our meditations.

Mona Anand at MonaAnandYoga

Mona, my Nidra teacher and mentor, has 3 Yoga Nidra CD's available on her website or iTunes.

Casey Berglund at WorthyAndWell

Casey is a Registered Dietitian, spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada, and Yoga Teacher who brings mindfulness into all areas of life, but specifically your health and relationship with food.

Gareth Bane at GarethBane

I know this isn't yoga, but music makes our lives better! It fills us with joy and can heal in it's own way. My husband, Gareth, has a special way of inspiring his students and bringing his gifts to others through the many bands that he plays with in the city. Check him out!