20 Hr Pranayama & Meditation Intensive

July 2-6 & 9-14

Learn techniques and a system which has been handed down from teacher to student to help prepare you for more ease and support in your seat. Tap into the essence of who you truly are, find balance, improve your health and relieve stress. 

Each day will include a lecture explaining the practice, pre-meditative asana, pranayama (breathing) techniques, visualization, kriya (purification) techniques, mantra (sound to liberate the mind), mudra (hand gestures), an 18 minute silent meditation and an opportunity to ask questions. 
We will lay a foundation of understanding some basic concepts around ISHTA Yoga, our lineage, meditation and pranayama so that you will have a deeper understanding of this process and how it works. 

This is being held at Danielle Pechie's studio, YogaTherapyAndBodyWork
and is open to both students and teachers, regardless of your experience in these subjects. 

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Early Bird Pricing of $350 +GST runs until April 30th. 
Regular Rate: $400 + GST

50 Hr Immersion & Nidra Training

Walking the Yogic Path: A Meditative Exploration.
 Yoga Nidra & Meditation

Nidra Aug. 17-19
ISHTA Meditation Aug. 24-26

Fridays 6-9pm
Saturdays & Sundays 9-6:30pm

Take the full immersion or just one weekend. 

  This immersion/training is open to both teachers and students.

This course is taught through the lens of ISHTA Yoga, my lineage, my home. ISHTA is the Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda. It means "that which resonates with the individual spirit" and it is a beautiful system of ancient techniques and modern understanding that allows for the individual to find their own unique way into a balanced state. 

Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger, founder of ISHTA, has been my teacher for over 10yrs now and I have experienced a profound shift in my  life through the practices that I have learned from him and his amazing family of teachers. I love that there is a system, but that it is completely fluid and adaptable. There are so many tools to use that can help you prepare for meditation. My nidra teacher, Yogiraj Mona Anand has been working with Al for many years now. She grew up in India, where she learned nidra, and when she met Al they applied ISHTA's principles to the practice. They created these 9 steps of yoga nidra that I will share with you. When you understand what is happening within each step it becomes clear how to create practices with purpose.

We will look at how to develop or deepen your own practice so that you can be better able to help others discover what they need to support their practice. It is through time, guidance, and personal experience that we can begin to own these teachings and see the transformative powers we hold within ourselves. Once we see and understand our own potential and how to tap into it, it becomes far easier to see the potential in others and help them to find it for themselves. By going on this journey for yourself, you will naturally enhance your student's experience because you will be guiding them from an authentic place. We will share a week/end of devoted study, practice and conversation. 

In this course you will explore how these different pieces can come together to give you and your students a well rounded yoga experience that reaches far beyond the mat. You will learn the skills to become more comfortable bringing the teachings into your classes.

If you aren't planning on teaching, no worries! You will dive deeper into what is behind these practices and it will be an opportunity for self study and more learning.

*Preparation of the physical and energetic body using kriya (purification) techniques, pranayama (breathing techniques), asana and props
*Learn 4 main ISHTA kriya practices
*Learn to ground yourself and bring the experience of meditation back into your life
*Explore mantra, mudra, subtle body, nadis and the yoga sutras
*Look at how an understanding of the chakras can create access to a more balanced state
*Learn to incorporate meditation into your life and your classes


Yoga Nidra:
*Learn different ways to prepare the body and mind for practice using pranayama, visualization, and other techniques
*Learn how to create practices to ground, inspire and bring balance
*Explore how Nidra relates to the koshas, releases tension and connects us to a higher consciousness
*Learn how to create nidra practices for group classes, privates and children
*Understand the 9 steps, as created by Alan and Mona, so you can adjust the practice to suit who and what you are teaching

*Lecture with Carol Hutchison
Carol will guide you in an exploration of the chakras connection to the neurologic, endocrine and respiratory systems of the physical body. These systems have the potential to work in perfect harmony. We will study the interconnected nature of the Pineal gland, the endocrine system and our energy body. We will discuss the effects of the autonomic nervous system and how we can consciously modify it's activity through breath. It will become clear how Yoga Nidra takes us into a brainwave state that allows us to shift our limiting beliefs and open to the field of unbounded consciousness. We will experience the infinite potential for healing that already exists within us.

Carol is a practicing medical doctor and orthopaedic surgeon at the University of Calgary. She became a certified yoga teacher after experiencing firsthand the healing power of yoga. She is committed to sharing the interconnection of the physical body and spirit to assist people on their own healing journey. Carol is trained as a Reiki Master. She has applied the gifts of yoga and Reiki to the practice of medicine, finding that the balance has improved patient care and student learning.

Books and Training Manual Provided:
Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati~ A Bihar Book
***Chakra Yoga: Balancing Energy for Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Well-Being by Alan Finger with Katrina Repka
***The Chakra book will need to be read prior to August 24.

Danielle offers these 50hr modules each summer so that you can build 4 of them into a 300hr Teacher Training. That means that for each module, you have an opportunity to do a 25hr project.

I will be running a 20hr Pranayama and Meditation Immersion through Danielle's 200hr July Intensive Teacher Training. You can use these 20hrs toward your 25hr project.