Connect with your Soul

Photo By Chris Ensey

Sankalpa Practices

This practice will connect you to the unbound potential that is always within you. 

Sankalpa comes from two words: "San", which means that which resonates with spirit, a connection with our highest truth, and "Kalpa", which is an intention, a thought, vow, the rule to be followed above all other rules.

In Sankalpa practices we plant our intention into the depths of our unconscious, helping to guide us toward our life's purpose and manifest it into our lives with grace and ease. It is a commitment to live in accordance with, and to support, our highest truth. 

These workshops will include ancient techniques which are powerful and accessible tools that can help bring you into a state of stillness and clarity.  Shift your perspective around your New Year's resolutions and establish a new intention which can cultivate transformation on many levels.

We will begin with a chat about what a sankalpa is and how to work with it, then you will do a restorative practice followed by yoga nidra. After your body and mind are relaxed to receive, we will use a special meditation to access our heart's deepest desires and plant the seed of our intention to manifest as it should. 


Healing Vibration Series

Let the sounds and vibrations of live music drop you into a state of deep relaxation and pure bliss.

Live Music. Restorative Yoga. Yoga Nidra.
May 25th 1-3pm
Chanting with Angela Cavar
Restorative, Nidra, Mantra, Meditation.
Details are coming!