These are 2 breathing techniques to turn your senses in and help you move from a more balanced state in both hemispheres of the brain. It slows down the mind and begins to bring in moments of stillness which can prepare you for your day, your meditation or asana practice, or to help you find space to tap into your creativity and become inspired.....try it and let me know how you used it and what you thought! 

Join me for MEDITATION CLASSES every Sunday morning at YogaMcc. We will gently prepare the body and mind for meditation through a 45min restorative and yoga nidra practice, pranayama (breathing techniques), and kriyas (purifying techniques). We will sit for 18 minutes and then ground using the mantras below.

I hope you'll join us! This is what it's all about for me........

om namah shivaya 4x
welcoming back the intelligence of the universe

om ieem saraswatiya namaha 3x
expressing this wisdom back out into the world

om ram, ram, ram, ramayaa namaha 3x
for a healthy immune system

om namo narayanaya 4x
loving for no reason but to love, unconditional love for others, yourself and those you have a difficult time with, this is your true nature

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya 4x
spread intelligence into every cell, protecting and guiding you through every moment

om dum dum dum durgaya namaha 3x
so we may slice through our unconscious with the grace and speed of a tiger moving through the jungle

om lakshmi vam sri kamaladaram swaha 3x
bring abundance into your life and all beings

om gam gam gam ganapatiya namaha 3x
remove karmic obstacles that come into your dharma